Happy Water Filtration System Customer Thanks to BudgetWater.com

The following email exchange was unsolicited and are actual emails we received from a (more than) satisfied customer. We would like to thank Wayne for allowing us to use his words to show other potential customers looking for water filtration and water treatment equipment that it IS possible to solve your water problems at an affordable price.

Thanks Wayne, we’re glad you’re loving your new water filtration system!

********** New Feedback! ******

Name: Wayne C.

Category: Web site

Feedback: I don’t know enough about the web to rate your site. I just know that last year you recommended your chemical injection unit to solve my problem $465 – 475 wasn’t the problem all, the other water treatment companies told me $1895 to 4395, this year I figured if I was going to gamble I would rather gamble $465-475 so I bought your unit and it works I couldn’t believe this thing solved the problem, whoopee, you helped me and saved me $1400-3800 dollars. Thank you very much.

Wayne C.


Mr. C.,

I am the webmaster at BudgetWater.com® and we would like to thank you for your kind email that you sent us recently. We’re very happy we were able to solve your water problems. We do our best to help our customers solve there water problems at the best cost possible.

I’m writing this email to thank you and also to ask if we may use your email in our Testimonials section of our website and on our blog at http://blog.budgetwater.com

If you say it’s ok, we will use your email to show others that it is possible to solve their water problems without paying ridiculous prices.
Thank you again, we’re very glad to hear your situation has been fixed. We value and care about our customers.


********** New Feedback! ******

Name: Wayne C.

Category: Web site

Feedback: Yes, by all means you can use my comments, I think back to last year when trying to find a solution to my water problem and Culligan® and Kinetico® started with their sales pitch both nationally known and I have a Culligan® system at another property ($40-55 a month for chemicals) and you folks quoted me a price of $455-475 for the unit and $.75 to $1.00 a month chemical expense could solve my problem, then I found out your a local Pittsburgh Company (Editors Note: We sell equipment Worldwide, Nationwide and have many customers in Canada as well.) I was really upset about that, I mean I’ve dealt with Culligan® for over 20 years at the other property ($40-55 a month plus pumping 45 to 60 gallons every three days). I couldn’t figure out why I had not heard of your company before, so you think you heard thunder last night in Pittsburgh, during the rain storm it wasn’t it was me jumping up and down cause I’m so excited I found you folks and the money you save me EVERY MONTH $40-55 chemical and $9-10 electric costs, about $600-775 a year you help me save and the water we don’t use 450-600 gallons a month that we pay to pump . I’m excited about BudgetWater®, doggone right!!! Yes, you can use my comments any time.

Wayne C.

Thanks again Wayne!

-Water Filtration Wizard


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