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Iron Filter Vs. Water Softener

At® our mission is to create a relationship with each individual customer. When you call us you will be advised, long before a sale, to send in a sample of your water in an effort to find out what

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Water Filtration Systems – Vs. Big Box Store

Every day we get calls from people asking what the difference is between our water filtration systems and those of Big Box Stores. The difference is that we sell quality water filtration equipment and we know all about the equipment

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Water Filtration System Installation

When speaking with potential customers, we often get the question, “Who’s going to install or service my water filtration system if I purchase from Budget Water®?” “95% of our customers install our water filtration systems on their own or with

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Terminox™  is a revolutionary iron, sulfur and manganese filter designed to correct the service issues and maintenance problems of other industry. It has been tested in real consumer’s home’s 10s of thousands of times over many years, and has proven

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Water Conditioner and Iron Filter Bypass Valves

“Is a bypass valve necessary? What is it?” This is a common question we get when people are placing an order. A bypass valve allows you to bypass the water filtration system completely and use the regular water from your

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Local Water Treatment Vendors, Dealers and Installers

  People often call us asking for a local “Vendor” or “Dealer” who sells our equipment and can come out to their home. And while we can always recommend someone in your area to install, having someone come into your

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Free Water Testing!

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