Common Causes and Solutions to Smelly Water

Smelly Water

Smelly Water is no fun… Terminox™ may be the solution.

We often hear complaints of smelly water from potential water filtration customers. It’s usually described as a “rotten egg smell” or “sulfur smell”. While this is usually the case, there are times when the culprit is not actually sulfur itself. Water with high manganese levels can smell very similar to sulfur.

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between the two is to determine whether the hot water, cold water, or all water has a sulfur smell. Manganese typically presents a smell similar to a sulfur smell only on the hot water side, whereas sulfur typically affects the cold water. The presence of significant amounts of manganese can also cause discoloration ranging from grayish water to black slime in the water.

terminox iron filterWhile certain levels of sulfur in your water can be treated with chlorine injection, the presence of manganese or sulfur and manganese is best treated with a water filter such as the Terminox™ ISM, which can treat water for iron, sulfur and manganese simultaneously in addition to dirt and turbidity. Terminox™ iron filters are self-backwashing units that require little to no maintenance to provide clean water free of odor or discoloration for years. Feel free to read more about our Terminox™ iron filter in our blog post  Terminox™ on August, 1.

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